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Fenton Marching Band, kick ass.

Okay, so your now going to have to fill out an application to join this community. If you alredy in it, you're lucky. You don't have too. You other members out there get to vote yes or no, please put it in the title of you comment. After 2 days or say... 10 votes.

First you join the community then copy this into your first post and answear the questions. Be sure to put it behind an LJ cut.

Heres the application:
1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

3. Are you male or female? Or do you not know?

4. What brought you too this, our Marching Family?

5. What do you bring too this, our Marching Family?

6. Does the Drum-line rock?

7. What about the Horn-line?

8. What Instrument do you play?

9. Why do you play it?

10.What is your Favorite Color?

11.What is your quest?

12.What is the airspeed of an unladed swallow?

13.What is you favorite music?

14.Your favorite composer?*Garrett’s idea*

15.Do you consider yourself more of a fermata or a decrescendo?

16.If neither… then what?

17.Who told you about us?

18.Whatever happened to Preparations A through G?

~*last and least*~
Briefly explain why you think you should be a member of our Marching family * give us three pictures of you, if possible.